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We address various evolutionary questions using both mathematical models and experimental evolution in yeast. We are also studying signal evolution in fireflies (Lampyrids). We have recently started a major redesign of Gene 3200, the Introductory Genetics course.

We are in room C318 of the Life Sciences Building.

Mathematical models of evolution.

      A wide variety of questions are addressed utilizing mathematical modeling.  Current research is focusing primarily on chromosome evolution, and we are particularly interested in the evolution of chromosome architecture.  Previous research has included the evolution of mating preferences, life cycle evolution and the evolution of driving sex chromosomes.   

Experimental evolution in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

      As with mathematical modeling, experimental evolution allows us to examine a variety of evolutionary questions in a system where we can control many variables.  Current research focuses on the elucidation of the parameters of mutations affecting fitness in yeast. 

Signal evolution in fireflies (Lampyrids): 

With Kathrin Stanger-Hall.  Kathrin’s research has clarified the phylogenetic
relationships among North American Fireflies, as well as other relationships within the fireflies and related beetles.  The primary reason for elucidating these is to examine the evolution of light signaling in this group.  As part of that project, we have begun sequencing genes involved in light signaling from throughout the group.  We are currently examining how light signal evolution relates to molecular evolution in these genes. Kathrin's website is here.

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