The SouthEastern Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics (SEPEEG) meeting was held on October 23 - 25 at the Rock Eagle 4H camp in Eatonton, Georgia.

Meeting was a great success. Thanks to all the speakers and poster presenters!

Next year, SEPEEG will be held in Florida.

SEPEEG 2015 received generous book donations from Sinauer, Princeton University Press, University of Chicago Press, and Ben Roberts and Co Publishers. These books were awarded to the best student talks and posters. 

The meeting was hosted by Kelly Dyer (, David Hall ( and Andrea Sweigart (, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia.

Many thanks also to the Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia for support.

The 2015 SEPEEG logo was designed by Rishi Masalia at the University of Georgia.


Desmognathus aeneus,  Seepage salamander